The perfect snack, jerky is always a good option. We offer a variety of types and flavors, including our extremely popular National Grand Champion jerky, to restructured pork teriyaki jerky, and even our old west style jerky- cut thick like the cowboys used to eat it. You’ll want fewer friends if you decide to share!

  •  National Grand Champion
  •  Hot & Spicy
  •  Teriyaki
  •  Hillbilly – Sweet & Hot
  • Hot Honey
  • Wyoming
  • Smoked Turkey Strips
  • Regular Jerky Strips (Ground and Reformed)
  • Hot Jerky Strips (Ground and Reformed)
  • Pork Teriyaki Strips (Ground and Reformed)

Snack Sticks

Delicious and easy snack that you really can’t go wrong with. Try our award winning state champion beef stick and you’ll know why we call it that. We offer unique flavors as well, like the Minnesota stick, complete with wild rice, sunflower seeds, honey, and cranberries, or the adventurous horseradish and hot pepper cheese stick. Come on in and look around, and you’ll be sure to find something you like.

  •  Andy’s
  • Breakfast
  •  Buffalo
  •  Cheddar Cheese
  •  Hot & Spicy
  •  Teriyaki
  •  Hot Pepper Cheese
  •  Jalapeno & Cheese
  •  Minnesota
  • State Champion
  •  Hillbilly
  • Cheddar & Garlic
  • Habanero BBQ
  • Maple