Processing Requirements

We are no longer accepting whole carcass deer. Sorry for any inconvenience. Boneless trim is still being accepted.

License and registration are REQUIRED by state law when bringing in deer.

All wild game this season MUST be boneless trim.

No BONE-IN trim will be accepted whatsoever.

Any animals coming in from a CWD zone must be tested with a negative test result for proof before being accepted.

A deposit of $50.00 is also required

Please refer to our main page for updates on deer capacity. If we are full you will have to return another day.

Sausages & Jerky

The following sausages are made individually with a 30 pound batch minimum. Example: 20# deer + 10# pork = 30# batch of sausage.

Bacon Burger (3# deer + 1# bacon – minimum 9# deer; 1# packages)
Sticks (pork added)Regular Summer Sausage (pork added)
German Summer Sausage (pork added)
Polish Sausage (pork added)
Bratwurst (pork added)
Smoked Breakfast Sausage (pork added)
Ring Bologna (pork added)
Seasoned breakfast links (pork added)

The following products need a minimum of 17 pounds of wild game. We will add 8 pounds of pork and 5 pounds of cheese. You will be charged for 30 pounds of sausage making.

Cheddarwurst (pork added)
Cheddar Cheese Sticks (pork added)
Jalapeno and Cheese Summer Sausage (pork added)
Cheddar Cheese Summer Sausage (pork added)

The following products are made February through March. Any deer to be made into these products will be frozen and then processed at that time.

Wieners (20# minimum wild game, 10 pounds pork added)
Restructured All-Deer Jerky (20# minimum starting weight)
Whole Muscle Jerky- Old West Style (10# minimum starting weight- due to weight and processing demands, made in batches combining multiple venison orders)

Due to summer demand, any wild game trim brought in from the months of May to August will have an additional $0.50/lb. charge added to it.

Questions and Answers

Do I get my own meat back?

All your deer cuts, ground deer, and sausage are your own. We make sausage in a minimum of 30 pound batches to make sure you get your own deer. Due to limitations of production, whole muscle deer jerky is the only product that is made in mixed batches.

How much gain or shrink is there on cooked products?

10 pounds of summer sausage and small diameter yields 10 pounds of finished product.

10 pounds of sticks will yield 6.5 pounds finished sticks.

10 pounds of jerky meat will yield 4-5 pounds of finished jerky.

Should I let my deer hang for several days before bringing it in?

The sooner your deer arrives the better it is. Deer meat is just like any other meat: it needs to be kept cold and clean, and that is what we do. There are some steps you can take to help keep your venison fresh and clean, which includes immediately gutting it, opening up the chest cavity to allow heat to escape, and if possible, rinsing the inside with cool water and then placing a bag of ice inside. Cooling the carcass down as quickly as possible is the best way to maintain the quality of your meat.