The perfect snack, jerky is always a good option. We offer a variety of types and flavors, including our extremely popular National Grand Champion jerky, to restructured pork teriyaki jerky, and even our old west style jerky- cut thick like the cowboys used to eat it. You’ll want fewer friends if you decide to share!

Snack Sticks

Delicious and easy snack that you really can’t go wrong with. Try our award winning state champion beef stick and you’ll know why we call it that. We offer unique flavors as well, like the Minnesota stick, complete with wild rice, sunflower seeds, honey, and cranberries, or the adventurous horseradish and hot pepper cheese stick. Come on in and look around, and you’ll be sure to find something you like.


Need to start your morning off right? Or for that matter, any meal of the day? You’ve found your answer in-ring sausage. We have a variety of types and flavors, like the mild Swedish potato sausage, the spicy Andouille, the sweet blueberry maple ring, or the old-fashioned grandpa Jay’s ring sausage.


Who doesn’t like bacon? Seriously, it’s bacon. We offer a couple varieties of this food of the gods, including the double smoked Home-Style bacon, or the Country Cured bacon with a hint of maple, and a few more adventurous types!


Smoked or fresh, links are an excellent and quick way to fire up your day. You’re sure to find something you’d like, from the Apple Cinnamon links to our classic Little Sizzlers!

Summer Sausages

Everyone loves summer. Everyone loves sausage. They’re even better together. The tangy Wisconsin Style summer sausage is one of our best in show winners, but there’s many more options. Our spicy Jalapeno and Cheese summer offers a nice bite for heat lovers, or the Blueberry Wild Rice if you’ve got a little more of a sweet tooth. If you can’t make up your mind, the National Grand Champion summer is always a good choice!

Fresh Meats

Here at Greg’s, we use only the finest cuts of pork and beef in our retail counter. The steaks and roasts available are from USDA inspected choice beef. We age all of our beef before we process it. Our ground beef comes from only choice and select cattle.

One of our specials in the holiday season is boneless prime rib. We try to age our choice rib eyes a minimum of thirty days before we cut your prime rib roast or steaks to your specifications. We can also prepare your roast by seasoning it and putting it in a cooking bag for an easy cooking experience.

Smoked Bratwurst

Our smoked bratwurst is an excellent grilling companion. It’s almost a shame you have to eat them. We offer a variety of types and flavors, from Greg’s popular smoked bratwurst to Duane’s Chili dogs with beans and cheese inside, or the Philly bratwurst, complete with pepper, onions, and mozzarella cheese to give your grill a real workout!

Fresh Fully Cooked Bratwurst

Fresh Fully Cooked Bratwurst are simply brats without nitrites or nitrates that haven’t been smoked. Just like the smoked brats, these are excellent for grilling, Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day, Tuesdays, pretty much any occasion. We offer varieties like Apple Bratwurst with chunks of apples inside, the MSG free Dakota Onion and Garlic Brat, and a variety of chicken brats that will be sure to turn any foul mood around. Fresh Fully Cooked Bratwurst- No Nitrites Added

Chicken Bratwurst


Our hot dogs are a step above any hot dogs you’ve had before. Our most popular National Grand Champion hot dog, as its name suggests, was the award-winning hot dog at the national competition and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

We also have a couple of variants with the same great seasoning, like our All Beef, Skinless, or Cheddar Dogs!

How To Prepare

The Perfect Prime Rib

Check out Greg on Twin Cities live! Learn how to prepare the perfect prime rib for the holidays!