Custom Processing

For that local flavor, we also can put you into contact with local farmers in the area. Our farmers have beef and hogs available and we are ready to custom cut to your specifications. Hogs are available in half or whole hogs, and we offer the curing and smoking of hams and bacon in our old-fashioned stone smokehouses.

The locally raised beef is available in quarters, halves, and whole animal, and our expert meat cutters will make sure to meet all your expectations. Contact us and we will help you fill your freezer today!

Processing Requirements

Sausages & Jerky

The following sausages are made individually with a 30 pound batch minimum.
Example: 20# deer + 10# pork = 30# batch of sausage.

The following products need a minimum of 17 pounds of wild game. We will add 8 pounds of pork and 5 pounds of cheese. You will be charged for 30 pounds of sausage making.

The following products are made February through March. Any deer to be made into these products will be frozen and then processed at that time.

Due to summer demand, we will not be processing any wild game from Memorial Day – Labor Day.


Do I get my own meat back?

All your deer cuts, ground deer, and sausage are your own. We make sausage in a minimum of 30 pound batches to make sure you get your own deer. Due to limitations of production, whole muscle deer jerky is the only product that is made in mixed batches.

How much gain or shrink is there on cooked products?

- 10 pounds of summer sausage and small diameter yields 10 pounds of finished product.

- 10 pounds of sticks will yield 6.5 pounds finished sticks.

- 10 pounds of jerky meat will yield 4-5 pounds of finished jerky.

Should I let my deer hang for several days before bringing it in?

The sooner your deer arrives the better it is. Deer meat is just like any other meat: it needs to be kept cold and clean, and that is what we do. There are some steps you can take to help keep your venison fresh and clean, which includes immediately gutting it, opening up the chest cavity to allow heat to escape, and if possible, rinsing the inside with cool water and then placing a bag of ice inside. Cooling the carcass down as quickly as possible is the best way to maintain the quality of your meat.