Rich with history.

Greg’s Meat Processing opened up in 1978 on land that has been part of the family farm for over 100 years. Greg built the original building in 1978. What began as a small plant has now evolved into a full service meat and sausage shop with a total of 205 State and National awards, including 5 National Grand Champion products as listed: Jerky, Hot Dogs, Summer Sausages, Ring Bologna, and Smoked Turkey.

With our wide selection of meats and sausage, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds. From Greg’s Smoked Ham, hickory-smoked in a stone smokehouse for that ultimate flavor, to Choice Aged Steaks, or his famous Extra Lean Ground Beef.

Our valuable staff will help you pick your cut of meat and give suggestions on how to prepare it. Greg has been winning awards on the State and National levels since 1986. Your stop would not be complete without trying his National Grand Champion Jerky, or any of his other award-winning sausages.


Greg’s Meats Has Produced Over 300 Awards.
A little competition is a good thing. We always try to push ourselves to make the best product we can, and to help us out, we participate with our friends in the State and National Smoked Meat Competitions. Greg’s Meats has an excellent record in this category.

Greg is still seen sitting in on workshops and classes, always looking for new information and better ways to improve our products.

Check out Greg on Twin Cities live! Learn how to prepare the perfect prime rib for the holidays!