Here at Greg’s, we use only the finest cuts of pork and beef in our retail counter. The steaks and roasts available are from USDA inspected choice beef. We age all of our beef before we process it. Our ground beef comes from only choice and select cattle.

  • We cut and grind all the meat ourselves to ensure quality and freshness.
  • We carry a complete line of pork products.
  • We handle many options, from bone in and boneless chops, to pork roasts and bacon wrapped pork rib eye steaks, and we will be happy to cut anything to your specifications.
  • We only use natural pork, we do not use flavor enhanced pork.

One of our specials in the holiday season is boneless prime rib. We try to age our choice rib eyes a minimum of thirty days before we cut your prime rib roast or steaks to your specifications. We can also prepare your roast by seasoning it and putting it in a cooking bag for an easy cooking experience.